Hoteles de Gipuzkoa: 

Thrilled to welcome you

Hoteles de Gipuzkoa is a member of ADEGI (Gipuzkoa Business Association) and part of the following forums:

  • The Basque Government Tourist Board.
  • The Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa Tourist Board.
  • Advisory Council and Board of Directors of the San Sebastian Tourism Association.
  • Plenary Session of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels (CEHAT).
  • The Hotel Technology Institute.

Hoteles de Gipuzkoa works to achieve the balanced and sustainable development of tourism through a hotel model that is based on cooperation and built on 5 cornerstones: Our Team, Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation and Destination

Our Vision


A hotel is born out of the people in it; their hard work and dedication.  The establishments that are members of Hoteles de Gipuzkoa offer strong job security.

50% of the member hotels are run by women, which is also reflected in the equal pay given to all workers as a result of our innovative people-centred management model.


Over the last 10 years, our member hotels have invested no less than 350 million euros in remodelling, improving, renovating and broadening what we offer, resulting in a hotel sector with outstanding safety, cleanliness and high-quality facilities. 

This commitment to excellence is also reflected in our training policies. 92% of the member hotels offer their employees training in languages, commercial management or customer services, as well as providing talent management and personal development.


It is up to everyone to protect the planet and, aware of our responsibility, 88% of the establishments that are members of Hoteles de Gipuzkoa have implemented or improved energy saving, light efficiency and water and waste management processes over the last 5 years with the aim of achieving environmental sustainability.

A commitment to sustainability that extends across the region. 92% of our member hotels have played a part in the economic, social and cultural development of Gipuzkoa through a strong commitment to local suppliers and products, with 84% carrying out social integration and patronage projects.


When we talk about innovation, we mean digitisation and 92% of the establishments that are members of Hoteles de Gipuzkoa have invested in the digitisation of their services.But innovation also involves improving management systems.

80% of the members of Hoteles de Gipuzkoa acknowledge that they have implemented New Culture initiatives to make their businesses a shared project based on trust.


Hotels are an essential space for guests, providing a doorway into our region. Our employees are ambassadors and our hotels are an essential part of the destination experience.

Mindful of the role we have to play, Hoteles de Gipuzkoa values culture and identity as elements that set us apart, a source of pride. 92% of accommodations that are members of Hoteles de Gipuzkoa work together with public and private stakeholders on policies and actions aimed at promoting the region.


Hoteles de Gipuzkoa is the sum of its members. A joint effort that makes us leaders, a preeminent association with the competitive and resilient strength required to face the challenges of the present and future.